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Family Treasures

When my grandma moved out of her house a few years back, my aunt ended up buying the place and moving in. In doing so, she was left in charge of sorting though and cleaning out all of the things that had been left behind. My grandparents had lived there for decades, so this wasn't particularly an easy task...
To keep everybody up to speed, my aunt started sending out family e-mails. Slowly, this forum became a way to make sure that the overflowing amount of objects and collections that had been stowed away could remain in the family. Every day, we would get an e-mail with an image or two in it, that displayed a group of items my aunt had assembled. If something caught our eye, we could inquire about it. In some of these pictures, it wasn't hard to spot the theme. The first painting, for example, is based off of a picture depicting an arrangement of gloves.  For other pictures, establishing the theme was a bit more of a puzzle.

While I was fascinated by some of the antiques that came out of the cupboards, I found the photographs of my grandparent's arranged belongings very peculiar.

Everything Comes in Pairs
Oil on Canvas, October 2012

Top Shelf Riches
Oil on Canvas, October 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Painting: Once in Lilac

First painting completed at 59 Rivoli

34"x52", August 2011
Oil on Canvas

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Painting: Evenin'

Oil on Canvas, 16"x12"
March 2012

This small naive painting took me four months to finish... 

It's painted on a canvas board that I bought at a small second hand store in Berkeley. I usually feel cruel and narcissistic to paint over somebody's creative attempts. So, in this piece, the 'window' exposes the anonymous under-painting.

Painting: Broom Closet with a Window

Oil on Canvas,  24"x36"
March 2012

Even their broom closet probably has a window.

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Cuban Rides

It was remarkable how fast one grows accustomed to the thousands of antiquated cars humming around the country. In Havana, the local taxi system consists of collectable cars that drive general routes, pulling over for anybody holding out a hand. Squeezing in seven people listening to music that sounds like American Graffiti and congo drums had a baby, you just hand them over 1 CUC when reaching your destination.

Cheap and effective, not to mention the undeniable cool factor.

Santiago Ron

Evidence of rum and revolution, down an alleyway in Santiago.

Cuba: February, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Painting: Blue Bye

Oil on Canvas, 24"36"
February 2012

Shout out to Lily: Could never do your pretty face justice. Thanks for the pose!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Painting: Woman and Death

Woman and Death (Baldung Composition Study)
Oil on Canvas, 28"x36"
January 2012

Some nice and glare-y photographs for ya.

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