Monday, June 17, 2013

New Work in Motion - Oil Paintings

Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 26"x36"

 Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 28"x36"

Recent Studies - Oil Paintings

Cashing in on the classical influences, starting to incorporate more 'washes' and abstractions. Also spending time on more studies, the importance of which I always undervalue and make fun of. 

Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 24"x24"

Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 24"x20"

Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 14"x20"

Oil Painting: Horse With No Name

Oil on Canvas, June 2013, 28"x24"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Self Portrait: Step by Step

A self portrait is good practice, but certainly tests your ego. Here's a play-by-play from my most recent portrait, a selfie. As you can see in the middle images, I use the canvas to clean my brushes while I work. I think there's some potential to use it in future work. We'll see.

Also, taking pictures of oil painting's is tough, but I did my best. I always do my best!

Oil on canvas, May 2013, 32"x42"