Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Purgatory of My Art

Technically, my paintings don't go through any sort of holy judgement, but they do graduate to different spots in my house until they are either exhibited, brought to storage, rolled up, or painted over (sigh).

This is my latest art nook.

Half the time it takes to finish a piece is used painting, and the other half is spent looking. Natural light isn't very good for the pigment, but I can see the painting from the kitchen to allow double tasking. Drink a coffee and "work," ie. stare blankly at a canvas.

This morning, reflecting on the symbols referenced in the art, I realized my friend Rosa Quintana has been working on some paintings that directly discuss the use of birds in classical art. Sometimes you don't realize the connections being made in your unconscious brain until it is literally staring you in the face...

Her work can be seen here!