Friday, September 2, 2011

Zona Nudista

On the drive up to Roses, Spain, my mom and I stopped for a much needed coffee break. We sit down and order our cortados, on a wooden patio in the middle of the beach.

It took mere minutes to notice we were being paraded by a very skinny, very nude man sporting a leather motorcycle hat and big black leather boots... not to mention some terrible tattoos. He walked to the left of the coffee shack, swayed from side to side, before strolling to the other side of us and swaying some more. He continued this casual cycle for the fifteen minutes we sat there - like a Sims character waiting for directions.

One one side of the coffee shack, my mother would be giggling and blushing, and when he got to the other side, I'd be snorting my coffee through my nose. I don't have a problem with the nakedness, but I think the swaying got to me. That, and his bored demeanor.

Our Spanish is pretty crappy, but looking back, we could have guessed what Zona Nudista meant...